19 Nov 2012

Small business efficiency?

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Original Posting – What do you think is the best way to improve efficiency in a small business?

When it comes to improving efficiency in a small business, the specifics will depend on the type of business, but some things apply to all. You cannot be an expert in everything, so understand your strengths and your weaknesses.
A small business must protect the areas where it is weak, such as financial exposure. It must be careful to spend only on the things that are needed in the short-term, or there will be no long-term. For many businesses, cloud-based systems provide the best starting point, with enterprise standards at entry-level cost, so you can have the best systems available without the need to invest in hardware and licences for the future. You can start with the absolute minimum and easily add to it as your needs change.
It is important also to build on your strengths. A small business has short chains of communication, and can react quickly to changing situations with well-informed decisions. To do this, you need to work at your communications, keeping everyone in the picture with a clear direction, and all relevant information within easy reach.
Modern software systems offer so much as standard, that we usually only scratch the surface of their capabilities. For a joined-up approach to your business information, you need to concentrate on what your business really needs, not what the system can do. If you are wasting time, or working around the shortcomings of a system, you need to address it, not live with it.

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