Why Interezia

Interezia was formed in 2009 when Microsoft made some of their best software available as Online Services, or Cloud Computing as it has become known. Until then, if you wanted to use this technology, you would need a computer network, thousands of £££s, and someone to support it, just to keep it running and updated. If you had no IT department, this would become part of someone’s job spec. In 2009 this all changed.

Now, you can have these services, and the considerable benefits they bring to almost any business, for just a monthly subscription. You don’t need a network, just a connection to the Internet. You don’t need someone to keep it running for you. Microsoft do it, as part of the deal. So now, no matter how small your business is, you can afford it

This was a turning point. It made it possible to provide everyone with a very affordable way of enhancing their business, with the minimum of risk and minimum investment. That was critically important in the financial climate of 2009 and still is.

When it comes to computers, we adopt abbreviations, and easily forget their meaning, but I.T. stands for Information Technology. Information is the lifeblood of every business, and must be communicated effectively, but to some the Technology gets in the way. When you are running a business, getting to grips with a computer system can be just too much diversion from the day-to-day business, and stops you from doing what you do well.


That is where Interezia can help you.

Allan Bury, owner of Interezia, has been working with computer systems for over 30 years, installing them, supporting them, and managing I.T. installation projects. We at Interezia enjoy the challenge, but never lose sight of the reality that they must earn their keep.

From the beginning, we have helped people to use them and get the most from them. We understand that for some people it is not second nature. That is why we try to be an interpreter of technology, to make it available to everyone.

The areas we try to improve in a business are communications and visibility of information, with the result that you can bring more customers into your business, understand their needs better to sell more effectively to them, and support them better so that you keep their custom.